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On the eve of the Spring Festival, Shandong Province made a surprise inspection on imported waste materials, focusing on the spot check of paper products and plastics. The European and American mainstream of Shandong Port's mass-produced models was 2.7 ~ 3mm, and the imported waste materials showed a large increase of 81 self-adhesive rubber asphalt waterproof coiled materials. Today, the inspection and Quarantine Department of Shandong cannot carry out surprise sampling inspection on the raw materials stored in the coastal ports of the province immediately after leveling

imported waste raw materials include waste paper, metal and plastic products. They are semi-finished raw materials that can be reused as raw materials. They are not what we often call "foreign garbage". Today, law enforcement officials have focused on random inspection of paper products and plastics

Ge Tong, an inspector of the port inspection office of Shandong inspection and Quarantine Bureau, said with the detector: "this is a radioactivity detector. The value displayed on the machine is 0.20. If it exceeds the standard, it cannot exceed 0.35 Mgr/h. at present, the radioactivity detection of this batch of goods is qualified."

Huangdao Qianwan port is the largest import port of waste raw materials in northern China. Radioactive source detection is only one part of it. In the plastic cargo yard, the inspectors randomly select a container, and each package in the container shall be disassembled for separate inspection, even if it is mixed with paper

Xing Lixue, an inspector of the port inspection division of Shandong Provincial Inspection Bureau, said, "whether the goods themselves are consistent with the goods certificate or not should be unified, not to say that the non plastic materials also meet the standards."

it is understood that in 2014, 32182 batches of imported waste raw materials were inspected in Shandong, of which 56 batches of returned environmentally unacceptable raw materials were detected. The main problem is the inclusion of medical waste, infectious animals and plants. This year, Qingdao port has also set up a portal integrated channel. After the cargo is unloaded, it can directly complete the radioactive detection, disinfection and fumigation treatment in the channel

wangweidong, deputy general manager of Qingdao Qianwan Port Container Terminal Co., Ltd., said: "about 5million yuan (a year) will be saved. In addition, compared with the current model, the original model will save us half, about 70000 square meters, and the enterprise will benefit greatly."

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