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Different "Spring Festival also delivers goods": robots deliver goods, and drones fly from the sky

different "Spring Festival also delivers goods": robots deliver goods, and drones fly from the sky

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original title: different "Spring Festival also delivers goods": robots deliver goods, and drones fly from the sky

when "speed and temperature" span from the 30th day of the lunar new year to the first day of the lunar new year, The Spring Festival in 2019 has been the seventh consecutive year that JD logistics insists on "delivering goods during the Spring Festival". This Spring Festival, the unmanned technology has become an important guarantee for the continuous delivery of Jingdong Logistics. Jingdong UAVs regularly complete the distribution task in Suqian national UAV dispatching center and deliver packages to the surrounding villagers; Jingdong Logistics Changsha robot intelligent distribution station continued to operate, and the distribution robot formation completed the order distribution, bringing a different spring festival receiving experience for local consumers with the unmanned technology of normal operation

as soon as the snow stopped before the festival, Jingdong UAV took off to deliver new year goods to the villagers

technology is the guarantee, and the delivery is non-stop. During the "Spring Festival also delivers goods", as soon as the snow stopped, JD logistics UAV took off from Suqian national UAV dispatching center and flew to the UAV express terminal in the village with Zhang Qiwei's package with the storage capacity for users. Within 10 minutes, JD logistics staff at the UAV express terminal successfully received the package and quickly delivered the goods to the villagers. In the local area, the villagers have been on shopping and 1 TLS (5) 000i single digital display spring tension and compression testing machine is used to UAV distribution. Although many villagers placed orders temporarily before the festival, UAVs finally ensured the smooth and rapid arrival of new year goods

during the Spring Festival, the citizens of Changsha Science and technology new town, 1000 kilometers away from Suqian, also felt different logistics services. JD logistics' world's first robot intelligent distribution station maintained normal operation during the Spring Festival. Many distribution robots insisted on "working in formation" on holidays, and took on a lot of work that needed to be delivered by delivery personnel in the past

during the Spring Festival, Changsha citizens received parcels sent by the delivery robot

during the Spring Festival this year, the intelligent logistics infrastructure of JD logistics has increased significantly. In addition to the UAVs that have been landed in 8 provinces and the distribution robots that have been put into operation in more than 20 cities across the country, the unmanned technology has also provided support for the "Spring Festival delivery" for seven consecutive years in many aspects, such as unmanned warehouses and human-computer partnerships. The number of "Asia No.1" intelligent logistics parks of JD logistics has increased from 16 to 20, and there are more than 50 unmanned warehouses at different levels such as Sirius warehouse, ground wolf warehouse and sorting vgv warehouse, greatly improving the order processing capacity of the eight logistics hubs in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan, Shenyang, Xi'an and Hangzhou; The man-machine CP mode in JD logistics warehouse has been widely used. Exoskeleton robots and six axis robots help front-line workers reduce labor intensity from various parts of the body, such as hands, feet, waist, and even eyes

during the Spring Festival, the robots in JD's unmanned warehouse were busy

whether it's going home for the Spring Festival, staying in place or traveling, JD intelligent logistics has become an important guarantee for consumers to "place orders at any time" and "receive goods anywhere". It has also become an important help for the liberation of front-line logistics staff. It serves as their strong backing and tacit partner, and provides considerate services to consumers with higher efficiency. Throughout the Spring Festival, JD logistics' unmanned technology will continue to operate, from cities to villages, from the sky to the ground, to deliver "black technology surprises" for consumers to place orders and receive goods during the Spring Festival


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