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Suzhou made a surprise inspection on the paper-making enterprise Liwen. Jinhuasheng needs to make rectification within a time limit. Release date: Source: China paper. Number of times viewed: 11827 copyright and disclaimer. Core tips: [China Packaging 12. News of laboratory machine not in use] in order to deeply learn the lessons of the "2.15" gas poisoning accident in the sewage regulating tank of Guangdong Dongguan Shuangzhou Paper Co., Ltd, Do a good job of safety after the 2019 Spring Festival

[China Packaging News] in order to deeply learn the lessons of the "2.15" accident of gas poisoning in the sewage regulating tank of Guangdong Dongguan Shuangzhou Paper Co., Ltd., do a good job of safety production supervision after the 2019 Spring Festival, and ensure that the safety management of limited space operation of enterprises in the paper industry in Suzhou and the safety work of enterprise resumption of work and production are truly implemented

on February 21, Suzhou Emergency Management Bureau Industrial Park

key paper industry enterprises limited space operation safety

and resumption of work please press the reset button (rest) button on the right timer once to clear the implementation of production safety measures

conducted a surprise inspection

in recent years, the city's departments at all levels have continued to carry out in-depth renovation of the limited space

especially in 2018, the full coverage of multiple rounds of education and training, top-down multi-level third-party verification With strong measures such as normalized high-pressure law enforcement punishment, the safety awareness of enterprises operating in limited space in the city has been greatly improved, corresponding control measures have been implemented as required, and the safety education and training of operators have been gradually followed up. L important use this inspection is also a "look back" inspection on the renovation of limited space

in this surprise inspection,

as a key enterprise with nearly 1000 limited spaces, Jiangsu Liwen Paper Co., Ltd. was also an enterprise with limited space operation management problems in the early stage. In the past 12 years, the enterprise has made great progress in the safety management of limited space operation by combining the dual prevention mechanism and the construction of safety standardization. The identification is relatively sufficient, the operation approval is relatively standardized, and the control measures are in place Warning signs shall be clear and eye-catching

however, the inspection also found that for some enterprises, such as jinhuasheng Paper Co., Ltd. microcomputer automatic operation company, the current situation of limited space safety management is still not optimistic, exposing a series of problems and hidden dangers, such as insufficient enterprise identification, imperfect management system, lack of warning signs, insufficient detection and emergency equipment, and mixed use of various posts

▲ insufficient and nonstandard identification

in view of the problems and hidden dangers of jinhuasheng Paper Co., Ltd.

the inspection team immediately ordered the enterprise to rectify within a time limit

and required the local safety supervision department to implement corresponding administrative penalties in accordance with laws and regulations

the inspection team stressed that the enterprise should seriously absorb the "2.15" Dongguan gas poisoning accident, carefully implement the post safety production, and do a good job in the safety training and education for returning to work and production after the holiday, In particular, the safety training for work in limited space actively carried out self inspection and self correction of hidden dangers to ensure safety and stability during the upcoming national "two sessions" next month, and to make a good start for the work safety of the whole year

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