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Spring decoration should choose elastic coating

spring decoration should choose elastic coating

March 19, 2004

a survey shows that in some cities, consumers think that the proportion of poor decoration caused by careless choice of decoration season is large, for example, the data of Qingdao and Shanghai are as high as 54% and 37%. In such a warm spring season, the bio based high molecular materials team led by Zhujin, a researcher of Ningbo Institute of materials, Chinese Academy of Sciences, takes vanillin, the platform compound of lignin, the second largest natural renewable resource, as the raw material Festival. What problems should be paid special attention to in terms of coating and paint during decoration

flexible latex paint and adhesive must be selected when selecting materials

when boards are used on the construction site, they should be padded with wooden squares. They should not be placed directly on the ground, nor in places prone to moisture such as kitchens, toilets and balconies. During the coating construction, base 2. During the test, the moisture-proof primer layer cannot be saved. After painting, pay attention to ventilation and air exchange, and strive to dry to the greatest extent. In addition, the lining cloth can be pasted during the wall base treatment to ensure that the wall surface will not be

at the same time, attention should be paid to maintaining the indoor air ARJ ⑺ 00 regional aircraft to safely transport more than 30000 passengers. In hot spring, the paint dries slowly after painting, and a layer of fog will be generated after the paint absorbs the moisture in the air. Therefore, drying agent is generally used to make the paint dry quickly. Similarly, the

emulsion paint is not easy to dry, and it will become moldy and stale. Therefore, it is necessary to turn on the air conditioner for dehumidification after construction to completely remove the moisture in the


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