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XCMG xe60w rotary excavation: the urban construction exhibition will also hold icamem2014 International Conference on advanced materials and engineering materials, 2014 China (Ningbo) automotive innovative material technology summit forum, 2014 China Marine anti-corrosion and antifouling technology development forum, the 3rd international advanced materials and powder metallurgy academic conference, 2014 high-end new military and civil dual-use materials demand utilization exchange, 2014 reinforcement materials and composite materials development and utilization exchange XCMG xe60w rotary excavation of forum activity workers such as the 2014 annual meeting of the instrument functional materials branch of China Instrument and meter industry association and the "new materials class" of Ningbo University: the "leap spirit" of urban construction

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"it is fast and flexible, and can fight guerrilla warfare. It is really convenient and easy to use!" This is the sincere evaluation of the customers who purchased XCMG xe60w rotary excavation. With the acceleration of urbanization and the increasing demand for municipal maintenance, small-scale rotary excavation has won international promotion through independent innovation. With its flexible and more adaptive characteristics, it is more and more respected in the application of urban construction

XCMG xe60w wheel excavation: the "Leaping spirit" of urban construction

xe60w small tire hydraulic excavator is mainly aimed at the municipal government maintenance and urbanization construction transformation in the next 3 (5) years. The lower chassis adopts wear-resistant tires suitable for urban pavement construction, which greatly reduces the wear on the pavement and reduces the transportation cost. The fuel consumption is economical, the maintenance is convenient, the quality is efficient and reliable, and the engine and fuel injection 7. All equipment is equipped with corresponding mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and other protective measures. The injection system is newly optimized, with stronger power and more efficient operation, which can bring the best benefits to users

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