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Zhejiang Province printed and distributed the 2019 work plan for special rectification of safety production at spraying workplaces in the industry and trade industry

Zhejiang Province printed and distributed the 2019 work plan for special rectification of safety production at spraying workplaces in the industry and trade industry

July 23, 2019

after years of special rectification of safety production in "three places and three enterprises", various safety management measures in the spraying field in the industry and trade industry in Zhejiang Province have been effectively implemented, and the conditions of safety facilities have been continuously improved, The work safety situation is generally stable. However, the early work safety rectification work in different regions has been promoted differently, the progress is uneven, the problem of incomplete rectification still exists, various safety risks can not be ignored, and it is very easy to cause mass death and injury accidents such as deflagration. The safety production foundation of the spraying workplace in the province is still weak. In order to deeply learn the lessons from several deflagration accidents in relevant regions of our province, further strengthen the safety production work in the spraying workplace, and improve the intrinsic safety level of the enterprise, this scheme is formulated

I. overall objective

deeply study and implement the spirit of the important discussion on work safety, adhere to the policy of "safety first, prevention first, and comprehensive treatment", and carry out special rectification of work safety in spraying workplaces in accordance with the requirements of "stressing standards, grasping hardware, strengthening management, and seeking practical results", so as to further understand the number of enterprises in spraying workplaces, strengthen the treatment of both symptoms and root causes, and eliminate a number of backward production processes, A number of safety equipment and facilities have been upgraded, a number of major potential accidents have been dealt with intensively, a number of illegal enterprises have been closed down and banned, and the safety foundation of enterprises has been consolidated in an all-round way. Haojiping, member of the CPPCC National Committee and vice president of Xi'an University of architecture and technology, believes that the production safety accidents in the spraying workplace should be prevented

II. Key points of renovation

focus on the layout, safety equipment and facilities and site management of the spraying workplace. See the checklist for special renovation of the spraying workplace for specific renovation contents and requirements

III. work steps

with guaranteed accuracy

(I) mobilization and troubleshooting (completed in early July). All localities shall timely mobilize and deploy the special rectification of safety production in the spraying workplace of the industry and trade industry, clarify the tasks and requirements, carry out comprehensive investigation and thoroughly implement the special rectification tasks to every enterprise involved in the spraying operation

(II) enterprise self inspection (to be completed before the end of July). All enterprises shall carefully carry out self-examination and self correction according to the checklist for special rectification of painting workplaces, comprehensively investigate potential problems, formulate rectification plans item by item, and implement rectification measures in strict accordance with relevant specifications and standards

(III) centralized regulation (to be completed before the end of August). All localities shall organize forces to carry out special law enforcement inspection on painting workplaces, and resolutely implement shutdown rectification measures for enterprises with major potential accidents, and carry out listing and supervision; Those suspected of illegal production shall be shut down and banned according to law

(IV) organize acceptance (to be completed before the end of September). In accordance with the standards and requirements for remediation work, all localities should implement remediation acceptance at different levels, by categories and by regions in light of actual conditions. The provincial department will organize forces to conduct spot checks in due course

IV. work requirements

(I) strengthen leadership and clarify rectification. There are a large number and a wide range of spraying workplaces, and the risk is high. It is very easy to cause explosion accidents, resulting in mass deaths and injuries. The task of special rectification is relatively heavy. All localities must attach great importance to it, overcome the idea of paralysis and fluke, strengthen leadership, clarify objectives and tasks, carefully organize and arrange according to regional characteristics and the number of people in the workplace, implement the territory by classification and classification, and effectively implement the remediation tasks in place

(II) strengthen troubleshooting and implement hidden danger rectification. All localities shall carry out comprehensive and detailed investigation on the enterprises in the spraying workplace under their jurisdiction, effectively master the number of enterprises in the spraying workplace and the safety production status, urge the main responsible persons of the enterprises to do a solid job in the investigation and rectification of potential accidents, comprehensively sort out the key and difficult problems, list the identified potential accidents, and clarify the rectification, measures, time limit and supervision measures to ensure that the potential accidents are rectified in place on schedule

(III) strengthen law enforcement and eliminate major hidden dangers. All localities should strengthen law enforcement and inspection, promote various remediation tasks and require workers to carry out construction in the scorching sun effectively according to law. For enterprises with prominent problems, if there is a range jump, they should be notified and exposed on the basis of administrative punishment, so as to increase the social and economic costs of the enterprises involved in violations of laws and regulations and enhance the effect of law enforcement. Those who refuse to rectify major hidden dangers shall be punished according to law; For those involved in a wide range and difficult to rectify, they must be listed as provincial and municipal major accident hidden dangers for supervision; If there is no hope of rectification or the rectification cannot be completed, the government shall be requested to shut down according to law

(IV) strengthen supervision and strictly organize acceptance. All localities should organize forces to carry out special supervision on rectification work, guide and urge enterprises to improve hardware according to the requirements of standards and specifications, and strengthen the level of intrinsic safety assurance; Strengthen management and improve the level of accident risk prevention and control. Organize acceptance in strict accordance with the checklist for special renovation of spraying workplaces, timely summarize experiences and lessons, consolidate renovation achievements, improve enterprise risk management and control and hidden danger troubleshooting and treatment capacity of spraying workplaces, improve long-term working mechanism, and effectively prevent production safety accidents in spraying workplaces

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