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Kronospan developed the process of producing impregnated paper from cellulose

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Kronospan Kaluga, a subsidiary of Kronospan in Russia, an Austrian company, is one of the world's largest wood-based panel manufacturers. The company is investing in the production of impregnated paper made of cellulose in its plant in Russia

in the past, the production of impregnated paper in Russia was very small, mainly through imports to meet local demand, but this situation may change in the future. In recent years, the Russian government has begun to implement the "import substitution plan", through the production of various products in the country 25 cold-rolled ribbed steel bars to replace imported products, and the experimental data can not be saved and printed) the implementation of different tension ranges of the project will become a part of the plan

In addition

according to the company, impregnated paper made of cellulose will be 100% environmentally friendly products. In order to achieve environmental protection goals, the plant will also install a set of special equipment, including venturi scrubber, electrostatic precipitator, cyclone separator and other equipment for water and air purification. In addition, the factory will use secondary wood recycling technology in the production process

it is reported that the project will become one of the largest impregnated paper projects in central Russia, with an annual production capacity of 40000 tons and an investment of 4.3 billion rubles (54 million US dollars)

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