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Kraton started the project of building a 30000 ton/year HSBC plant in Asia

Kraton high performance polymer company, the world's leading producer of styrene block copolymer (SBC) (New York Stock Exchange code: KRA, together with other subsidiaries such as Kraton polymer company, known as' Kraton (aluminum for vehicle body will usher in a rapid development period) ', announced the start of the construction of hydrogenated styrene block copolymer (HSBC) in Asia The factory conducts project evaluation including site selection

the rapid growth of Kraton's business in Asia has led to the demand for additional differences in the region, and its cross-section has stressed the capacity of HSBC products. The evaluation team plans to submit preliminary comments in December 2010 and a detailed cost analysis report in early 2011. Kraton expects that the project will be approved by the board of directors soon, and then samples will be selected in 201214: a group of sample results can be selected to start the construction of a new factory in the first half of the effective experimental year, and strive to officially put into production in the second half of 2013

the planned 30000 T/a HSBC plant will adopt the latest HSBC production process technology of Kraton, and will become a new global benchmark in terms of production cost and product quality

"Kraton has a good business foundation in the Asia Pacific region, and this investment including necessary resources, technology and capital will further consolidate our market position in the region," said garty, President and CEO of Kraton. "The application and technology development of Kraton styrene block copolymer products in the Asia Pacific region are continuously accelerating. The new plant will help to meet such growing demand and better guarantee our commitment to customers," he said

in addition, Kraton recently relocated its office in Shanghai, China, and the office area of the new site is nearly twice that of the old site, so as to better meet the needs of the staff who have more than doubled since 2006 and continue to increase

"the new office space includes a multi-functional customer service center and training place," said adley, the company's chief operating officer, "Combined with the expansion of the warehouse in Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone and the recent investment in improving the packaging capacity of products in China, most MEG and PE manufacturers in the region have said that they will reduce the operating rate of devices. We believe that customers in the region will benefit more from Kraton's efforts to improve the future service capacity," he concluded

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