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Kraft food saves the time of the technical team by upgrading to an image-based barcode reader

allergen management plays an increasingly important role in the packaged food industry. Manufacturers should be extra careful to avoid label confusion, which sometimes leads to expensive recalls and potential problems. To solve these problems, kraft Food Canada scanned each label after it was pasted on the packaging line to ensure that it matched the packaging content

the sand tea sauce production line of the St. Lauren factory in Quebec produces more than 30 different stock products (SKUs) at the speed of 265 bottles per minute. When changing the production line to produce different SKU numbers, it is necessary to manually load the corresponding labels on the filling machine

this may cause the machine operator to load the wrong labels or there are several wrong labels mixed occasionally. To solve this problem, kraft deployed a laser barcode scanner to read the one-dimensional barcode on each label in 2012 and send the results to the programmable logic controller (PLC) of the running machine

The problem with laser scanners is that they can only read a small piece of code in the field of view. When the label is changed to a new SKU, the location of the code may vary slightly depending on the design. Therefore, the laser scanner needs to be adjusted every time the product is replaced, which consumes a lot of time of the technician team. They are often called to adjust the laser scanner and have to struggle to ensure that the reading does not fail

I suggest Kraft consider using image code reading technology, said Mike Palmieri, senior technical sales representative of Cognex integrator cadence automation. The basis of image technology is that the code reader uses a series of algorithms to process the image intercepted by the data accumulated by Toyota Zhongyan in the fields of magnets, batteries, catalysts, etc., which cannot be controlled in this way); It is more convenient to read the code by exchanging servo electromechanical and ball screw control samples, so that the code orientation and print quality are less likely to cause problems. Palmieri recommends using the Cognex DataMan 300 ID reader, because its 800 x 600 pixel image can display the entire label and can easily read the code anywhere. DataMan 300 also has a built-in Ethernet card to facilitate communication with PLC. Palmieri said

dataman 300 uses the new 1dmax+ algorithm, which combines hotbars technology developed specifically to handle various difficult to read linear barcodes on the production line. The DataMan 300 series also provides integrated controllable module lighting and optics for increased flexibility

Kraft first replaced a laser scanner with DataMan 300 code reader on the Sha Cha sauce production line. Since the date of installation, the image-based code reader has almost eliminated the reading failure, and the reading rate is as high as 99.9%. Kraft replaced three other ID readers on the branch line of the production line and three scanners on other production lines at the same time. Since there is no need to adjust, technicians do not need to manage product conversion

dataman shoulder fixture 300 ID code reader significantly improves the speed of the packaging line. Dave Fortin, a technician at Kraft Foods Canada, said. In the past, our technician team spent a lot of time on adjusting the laser scanner, and needed to deal with many high-quality label bottles that cannot be read by the laser scanner. The new image ID reader solves these problems with a near perfect reading rate. They are economical in price and easy to install and use

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