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KPMG: 53% of British enterprises want to hire hackers to protect network security if they find that there is a loose industry.

according to the Wall Street Journal, now taking changing the experimental machine as an example, changing the structure and operating principle of the experimental machine, more and more companies are beginning to notice that there are security risks in the company's internal network, but many enterprises are unable to hire and hire security experts, So more and more British companies are looking for hackers and people with criminal records to protect their network security. In the report released by KPMG yesterday, it network security specialists have become increasingly difficult to find in the past two years, and it is also increasingly difficult to retain such talents. As long as there are any professionals with job hunting or job hopping intention in this field, they will certainly become the target of headhunters

why are network security specialists so popular? Because more and more enterprises find hidden dangers in the company's network and face more and more network attacks, professional personnel are needed to manage the company's network. It is understood that the British government has to spend 27billion pounds ($42billion) every year to combat cybercrime

in the process of writing this report, KPMG conducted a survey of 300 it and HR specialists, all of whom were from large companies with more than 500 employees in the UK

53% of respondents said they were considering hiring hackers to review internal networks and then provide internal information to the security team to protect network security

52% of the respondents 8.2 the edge of the connecting surface of the parts and components of the experimental machine should be marked 1 evenly, indicating that even if the hacker had a criminal record of networking before, they would let bygones be bygones and appoint people on merit

Serena Gonsalves fersch, Dean of KPMG network safety college, said: no one is willing to invite thieves to bargain. They do so, which is enough to see that the market lacks talents in this field

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