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Krones innovative labeling and monitoring technology

the Emballage exhibition held in Paris from November 20 to 24, 2006 is expected to have more than 100000 visitors. The main exhibition items of neutral Krones AG are the latest labeling and monitoring technology. Krones designs, develops, manufactures, and installs machines and complete sets of equipment related to filling and packaging technology. The main customer groups are beer brewers, beverage manufacturers, food Now, Krones has become a system technology supplier to solve all kinds of problems for customers. At the same time, Krones also focuses on the service of product life cycle. In addition to spare parts, it also covers tool accessories, equipment upgrading, maintenance, repair, strengthening equipment capacity design and equipment monitoring solutions

systematic improvement of the overall equipment

there are many factors that must be considered for the overall optimization of the filling equipment, such as: more functions, higher production capacity, more breakthroughs in key areas, more application resources and more economic benefits. The systematic upgrading provided by the product life cycle service and the expansion of corresponding equipment will make the whole set of equipment more flexible, the maintenance unit is fully compatible, and then increase the function of the equipment

in order to ensure the continuous operation of the equipment and avoid downtime, spare parts and maintenance services are in place as soon as possible. 90% of the spare parts and wear parts within the scope of Krones' life cycle services are in stock, especially standard basic parts and spare parts. In addition, experts in product life cycle services will also provide suggestions on the management of warehouses on a case by case basis for the current total annual demand for adhesives and sealants in China's automotive industry of 100000 tons

contiroll HS high-speed annular labeling machine with super power

the newly designed contiroll high-speed annular labeling machine can process 67500 containers per hour, dwarfing all previous labeling machines. Therefore, in the future, only one set of contiroll is required for high-power filling equipment to meet all filling power requirements, that is, there is no need for a second set of contiroll unit

high speed labeling brings new drive designs to film label trays and cutting machines. The film label tray, that is, the supporter supporting the film label reel, is driven by a servo drive instead of the eddy current brake currently widely used. The servo drive device can start the machine immediately and shorten the delay time of label unwinding. The newly developed cutting machine is also driven by its own servo motor

contiroll's new reel magazine

Krones designed a new reel magazine for the circumferential labeling of contiroll labeling machine, which can accommodate up to 8 reels. Therefore, depending on the power level of the machine or the length of the label, contiroll can even work for 8 hours by itself in a shift, without the intervention of the operator. Therefore, the annular labeling now has the advantage of automatic operation of wet glue labeling machine, which significantly reduces the burden of operators

single module with new self-adhesive labeling unit

Krones' modular labeling design meets the requirements of the filling industry with a high degree of flexibility. The single modular labeling machine displayed in the steel union information report can be used for self-adhesive cold glue composite labeling from the reel or hot glue labeling. The machine is composed of individual component groups in a combined system. According to the plug label plug and play principle, the labeling unit of self-adhesive and cold glue or hot glue is easy to exchange. At the same time, when operating the small bottle table, the conversion time is significantly shortened, the replacement of the tool group is much easier, and the maintenance cost is naturally reduced

the single module at the Emballage exhibition is assembled with the new self adhesive label unit APS 3 unit, with an automatic reel bonding system. APS 3 unit is the latest high-power labeling unit designed by Krones for self labeling. Fast speed, accurate labeling, easy operation, and much easier unit replacement. After further research and development, this unit can now provide automatic pasting of pre placed label reels, eliminating the power loss caused by reel replacement

the final result is to simplify the structure of the whole machine, because now only one labeling machine is needed for each label, instead of two labeling machines at a time like automatic replacement. Autocol APS 3 automatic labeling machine. Of course, 3. The displacement of the oil cylinder can also be measured by adopting a specially designed direct angular position converter combined with a high-resolution photoelectric encoder and a subdivision electric appliance. It can also be supplemented on the autocol self-adhesive labeling machine or modular machine

label detection

whether the label position is perfect relates to the packaging quality of products. Krones' checkmat 731 label detector has a total of four cameras, of which two CCD cameras are used to detect the correct position of the label on the container. The other two are to check whether the label on the container is the same as the original one. The inspection items also include the barcode of the back label and bottleneck label. For metallized and highly reflective labels, special lighting must be used to check the label position, bar code and whether the label has been pasted

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