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Kratos will provide high-performance jet powered target UAV system

Kratos will provide high-performance jet powered target UAV system

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krat as a part of waste energy (WTE) strategy OS defense&security solutions, Inc. Announced that its unmanned systems department (USD) has recently won a number of contract awards for high-performance jet drone drone target systems

the United States is a leading supplier of UAV target system for high-performance jet powered UAV, which is used for the training, training, testing and development of American and allied foreign weapon systems in this cooperation. The US dollar is also a leading supplier of high-performance, jet powered unmanned combat air system Jinan gold testing machine for copper and copper alloy strip applications (UCAS), used for forced multiplication, amplification and loyalty wingmen. The unmanned target UAV system awarded under the contract will be produced in a safe dollar manufacturing plant

Jerry Beaman, President of Kratos unmanned systems department, said: our entire organization is proud to let this important customer choose our high-performance target unmanned aerial vehicle system for training, rehearsal and testing of radar and related combat systems

eric DeMarco, President and CEO of Kratos, said that in the next 24 months, we expect the scale of Kratos' unmanned system business to roughly double, because we are currently targeting drones under the contract, and some of them are expected to start production in the first half of 2017. In addition, if our tactical unmanned operation, as the chief assistance commercial air system program of polimotor 2, is currently successful in the contract, we believe that we can greatly exceed the growth expectation of our unmanned system business

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