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KSW releases semi-active RFID sensor tags

Germany KSW company has developed an upgradeable semi-active RFID temperature sensor tag variosens Basico. KSW company, a German state-owned guarantee company, is a manufacturer of semi-active (paper thin battery) RFID smart tag sensors, and recently released a new adhesive RFID smart tag with integrated temperature sensors - vario sens basic. The platform is based on tempsens, a temperature sensor 6 and mortar tensile tester tag developed by KSW in 2003, and provides scalable temperature data storage and data security functions

vario sens tag can measure the temperature value data of 0 when the detection data and functional requirements are not many and the digital display can meet, while the previous generation of temp sens tag can only read the temperature value data of 64

vario sens temperature tag users can adjust the type of temperature data stored in the tag memory. For example, they can only save values within the preset range, or allocate 1K bytes of space to store temperature data and other supply chain data. Vario sens temperature tags also provide a more complex data protection mechanism, with a total of three levels of protection. It managers can design who can read the tag data, who can read and write at the same time, who can change, etc. Other upgradeable functions include: the temperature tag can obtain data from the external sensor, and can measure the remaining power of the battery inside the tag

the communication protocol of vario sens temperature tag follows ISO air interface protocol and works in HF 13.56MHz frequency band. A total of 8K bits of read-write EEPROM storage space. Use a 1.5V battery for about 1.5 years

the main application fields of products are chemical monitoring in the chemical industry, drug transportation in the medical industry and perishable food

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