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Krones new glass bottle sealing surface double flash detection device

the filled glass bottle must be sealed, and its shape is close to the same size in three vertical directions. It is a necessary prerequisite that the sealing surface of the bottle mouth is intact. In order to more accurately detect the damage of the sealing surface on the inner side of the glass bottle mouth, Krones Co., Ltd. in new traprin, Germany, developed a glass bottle sealing surface detection module. It can be installed as an option on the linatronic series empty bottle detector, which has even become the second choice of air conditioning frame materials

the special lighting mode is an important innovation in the technology of this module. Every photographer knows that the better the lighting effect, the higher the accuracy of the image. The same is true of the photos used for testing. So far, it is installed by a group of arc-shaped light-emitting diodes without stroboscopic effect, which are tightened in time from above; The sealing surface is illuminated to complete the inspection

now, the lighting device with double flash diodes can ensure the highest detection accuracy. Each container will be photographed twice. One time, the upper side lighting is used, and the other time, the vertical lighting is used. Using this kind of double flash lighting with good effect can obtain the best detection results and accurately identify the damage of the sealing surface in the bottle

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