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Application of kronepremisnet generic cabling system in Guangdong Telecom Plaza 1. Project overview Guangdong Telecom Plaza is a comprehensive building integrating Telecom production, business office, conference, office rental and other functions. The building is 247 meters high and has 68 floors, including 6 underground floors, 65 above ground floors and 8 podium floors, with a total construction area of about 145000 square meters. The whole square is an intelligent building with highly integrated voice communication, computer network, security and intelligent control

the introduction of intelligent building technology in Guangdong Telecom Plaza has set strict standards for the stamping performance of stainless steel materials in some utilization fields, such as machinery manufacturing, automobile and ship plates, etc. if the stamping performance is not qualified in the process of mechanical forming, it is easy to cause the cracking of stainless steel plates, which seriously affects the product quality. China's Telecom work has played a positive role, At the same time, it has also played an advanced scientific and technological demonstration role in the national telecommunications sector and related industries

according to the requirements of generic cabling system, the nerve hub of information circulation in the square, the specific applicable products and perfect system solutions are determined through the reference and analysis of information point distribution table and drawings, and in combination with the functional properties of the building

the actual statistical information points of the project are: 2700 unshielded voice information points of super five categories; 2016 unshielded six types of voice information points; 3140 unshielded six types of data information points; 70 optical fiber information points

this project adopts the premisnet generic cabling solution unique to Krone. Premisnet structured generic cabling system, including six types of zero bit error (c6t), super five types (c5e) and all fiber junctions, will increase fatigue and cause damage to objects. Structured cabling system solution. It adopts the design of full modular structure, which is a truly comprehensive communication system solution for the future. At the same time, its operation interface is friendly, which is easier to operate and maintain than the traditional wiring connection mode of 110 wiring module

II. Design standards and specifications

according to the network requirements put forward by the construction unit, the design and construction of the whole generic cabling system comply with the following standards and specifications:

1 Gb/t code for engineering design of generic cabling system in buildings and buildings

2 Gb/t code for engineering acceptance of generic cabling system in buildings and buildings

3 Gb/t intelligent building design standard

4 MC European electromagnetic compatibility standard

5 N50173 European building generic cabling system standard

6 China building electrical design code

7 Iso/iec 11801 general wiring standard for user buildings

8 Eia/tia-568 industrial standard and international business building wiring standard

9 Eia/tia-569 international business building wiring management standard

10 Nsi/eia/tia-569 (CSA t530) building path and spatial structure standard

11 Nsi/eia/tia-607 (CSA t527) building ground wire and coupling wire standard

12 Nsi/eia/tia-606 (CSA T528) building communication wiring structure management standard

13 Eia/tia-tsb-67 unshielded twisted pair UTP end-to-end system function test

III. system design

1. Overall system structure

Guangdong Telecom Plaza is divided into office, public floors and rental floors. The whole project comprehensively focuses on the latest development of communication technology today, and takes into account the development trend of communication in the future. According to the principle of overall consideration and reasonable distribution, the building wiring system is mainly composed of super five categories of unshielded cables, six categories of unshielded cables, five categories of large logarithm unshielded cables, multimode optical fibers and their corresponding connectors. In consideration of the safety of the whole building, the sheathing materials of copper cables and optical cables used in this project are low smoke, non-toxic, halogen-free and flame-retardant materials. In order to ensure the flexibility of system application and management, except that the voice part of the rental floor adopts the super five category scheme, the subsystem data and voice part of other areas adopt the six category scheme. In addition, from the perspective of economy, the trunk subsystem is composed of multi-mode optical fiber and five types of large logarithm unshielded cables, which conforms to the principles of economy and applicability

(1) the reserved voice information point on the rental floor shall be installed at the side of the distribution frame. The loading handle shall be placed at the unloading position, and the cable shall be reserved in the communication cable well of this floor for the convenience of the user

(2) the voice main distribution management room is set on the 13th floor of the building to install the voice main distribution frame of the generic cabling system. In addition, the machine room should reserve enough space to install voice and data access equipment

(3) the data main distribution management room is set on the 13th floor of the building to install the data main distribution frame of the generic cabling system

(4) the wiring equipment in the main wiring management room and distribution line room are installed in the 19 inch cabinet

2. Subsystem description

great pollution to our environment

(1) work area subsystem

work area subsystem includes the wiring and related connectors and adapters connected from the terminal equipment to the information socket

most work areas of the work area subsystem are set with six types of unshielded voice information points and six types of unshielded data information points, and the voice part of the rental floor is set with more than five types of unshielded voice information points

in this design, each work area is configured as one data information point plus one voice information point. Krone km8 class VI RJ-45 unshielded module is used for class VI information points, and Krone class V keystone inline unshielded module is used for super class V information points. The data information point is equipped with Krone km8 class VI 2-meter low smoke halogen-free flame retardant jumper cable

in order to protect the jumpers, reduce the radiation and attenuation on the corners, and reduce the impact of ash accumulation in the socket on the electrical performance and waterproof, all the information sockets (including RJ45 socket and optical fiber socket) used in this bidding scheme use 45 degree beveled panels. It is wall type (using 86 bottom box), which is generally installed on the wall or partition. It can also be installed on the furniture screen or in the ground socket box according to the actual situation

in this project, the information points in the leadership office, large conference room and demonstration hall adopt optical fiber to table

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