The hottest modern petrochemical reduces polypropy

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According to overseas media reports, Hyundai Petrochemical Company of South Korea recently announced that it had reduced the operating rate of its polypropylene plant with an annual capacity of 450000 tons in Deshan, South Korea. The detection standard of the plastic material testing machine was 80%-85%. The main reason for the reduction in the operating rate was the decline in the operating rate of two naphtha cracking units

it is reported that Hyundai petrochemical company has been troubled by opening letters of credit for naphtha import recently, which forces it to choose them according to the actual situation. It is led by Jian Xigao, a well-known research expert in the field of high molecular new materials in China, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering. On July 7, it reduced the operating rate of naphtha cracking units 1 and 2 to 70%-75%. Due to the decline in production, Hyundai Petrochemical raised its quotation for homopolymer injection molding grade PP delivered in July to a relatively high $550/ton (CFR, China)

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