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Modi vowed to eliminate disposable plastics in four years: make 100 scenic spots in India free of garbage

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core tip: Indian Prime Minister modi vowed to eliminate all disposable plastics in 2022. The country will also launch a campaign against marine garbage and promise to make 100 national monuments in India cleaner and become "garbage free attractions"

[China Packaging News] Indian Prime Minister modi vowed to eliminate all disposable plastics in 2022. The country will also launch a campaign against marine garbage and install it faster, promising to make India's 100 national monuments cleaner and become "garbage free attractions"

it is reported that modi's commitment is the most ambitious "plastic destruction" action in the world. The move aims to completely stop plastic pollution in India, the fastest-growing economy with a population of 1.3 billion. "Today's semi-automatic impact testing machine with screen display is operated with a manual box, and the choice we make will determine our future", modi said when attending the celebration of world environment day on the 5th. "This choice is not easy, but through awareness raising, technology and real global partnership, I believe we have made the right choice. Let's work together to defeat plastic pollution and make the planet a better place."

the United Nations released a new report on the 5th, which recorded 50 countries that are taking meaningful actions to curb marine plastic pollution: Kenya banned the use of plastic bags; Sri Lanka uses polystyrene foam; Biodegradable plastic bags are used in China; The UK uses tax cuts to use disposable plastics. This cooperation will also touch on Rn bitumen bags, a subsidiary of RN alpha. According to the report, millions of tons of plastic enter the sea every year, causing whales and other marine organisms to suffocate. Plastic pollution has spread all over the world, from the most remote island to the peak of Switzerland. Moreover, microplastics are now even found in tap water and human food, causing great damage to health

Eric Solheim, head of the United Nations Department of environment, said on the 5th, "there is no doubt that we are on the verge of a plastic disaster." But he praised India's initiative: "they have shown that political movements have become practical actions that can inspire the world and cause real change." India also promised to make 100 national monuments in India cleaner, including the Taj Mahal

modi said; "Environmental degradation hurts the most vulnerable groups. Everyone has the responsibility to ensure that material prosperity does not endanger our environment." In order to fight against "plastic pollution", India is also fighting hard - in 2016, the Indian government ordered to ban the use of polyethylene plastic bags with a thickness of less than 50 microns; Even Indian companies have invented edible plastic bags and launched the initiative of "eating garbage to save the earth" across the country

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