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Modern packaging design needs culture

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modern packaging design is a design discipline based on culture, life and modernity. Therefore, whether in theory or in practice, we should treat packaging design as a cultural form

in human social life, the needs of all creatures have been transformed into the needs of culture. Modern packaging design is a design discipline based on culture, life and modernity. Therefore, whether in theory or in practice, we should treat packaging design as a cultural form: it is imperative to explore a new development path of plastic granulator technology in modern society. The research of design theory is not only an in-depth analysis of a discipline, but also an overview of the intersection of multiple disciplines. Viewing packaging design activities as a cultural phenomenon is not only a simple satisfaction of material functions and spiritual needs, but also the connotation that modern designers must explore

culture is the sum of material wealth and spiritual wealth created in the process of human historical practice. Can packaging design culture include all ways of people's behavior and everything created by meeting these ways of behavior, as well as the psychological concepts formed in these aspects. These are the composite whole composed of many design cultural elements

packaging design is at the core and dominant position, and is the basis and basis for all activities of all elements of the design system. The impact of the development of science and technology, the improvement of productivity and cultural progress on the packaging design culture is mainly manifested in the concepts of production and life, values, thinking, aesthetics, morality and ethics, national psychology and so on. Packaging design is the most stable part in the structure of design culture, and it is also the soul of design culture. Therefore, it stipulates its own development and laws, absorbs, transforms or repels different cultural elements, extends the shelf life by twice, and affects the development trend of design culture

for example, a person from the state of Chu came to the state of Zheng to sell beads, which is the cabinet of Magnolia. It is heavily decorated with cinnamon peppers, beads and jade, decorated with roses, and bowed with feathers and emeralds. The whole box is gorgeous and high-grade, and the beads are put in such a box. A man from the state of Zheng bought the beads, left this gorgeous box, and returned the beads to the people of the state of Chu

this story is a metaphor for giving up wood to pursue the end and making improper choices. It is used in commerce to emphasize commodity packaging and attract attention. It only depends on gorgeous packaging to deceive consumers, beautify their appearance, and make mistakes. But from the perspective of modern economics, good quality is important, but packaging can not be ignored. The history of wine not afraid of deep alleys is over. While paying attention to product quality, we should also emphasize the role of packaging in product feature creation and market sales

packaging design and cultural structure are related to each other, forming a system and forming an organic whole of packaging design culture. Packaging design culture is the most active factor. It changes actively and exchanges easily. At the same time, the change and development of packaging design culture is always reflected in it first. For example, China has learned from foreign advanced science, culture and technology since the reform and opening up, and the infiltration of products is playing a leading role in this cultural shock; In the market, product packaging has been upgraded and emerging one after another. The most authoritative factor is to stipulate the overall nature of packaging design culture, which is an important link to maintain the intergroup relationship of design, and also a guarantee for the scientific and effective implementation of packaging design. So as to become the criterion for packaging designers to engage in design activities. Different design concepts will bring different behavior patterns and social results. Recognizing the new requirements of the new environment for us and mastering new ideas, new concepts and new means that meet the new requirements are the new heights of design concepts. They depend on each other, combine with each other, penetrate into each other, and are reflected in every specific packaging design activity and design work

packaging culture spreads in time and space, exists in a certain space, and produces the nationality of packaging design culture. Due to the existence of culture in a certain time, it produces the modernity and nationality of packaging design culture, which constitutes the social and essential attributes of packaging design culture

packaging design culture involves the genesis of culture, because the culture of the world does not come from the same source, of course, there is a problem of nationality. Due to different natural and social conditions, every nation in the world has formed language, habits, morality, thinking, values and aesthetic concepts that are independent of other nations, so it is inevitable to form a distinctive national culture. The nationality of packaging design culture is mainly reflected in the cultural structure of packaging design, which reflects the psychological commonness of the whole nation. Different cultural concepts caused by different nationalities and different environments are directly or indirectly reflected in their own design activities and products. For example, the scientific, logical, rigorous and rational modeling style of German design, the novel, dexterous, light, exquisite and human characteristics of Japan, and the elegance and romance of Italian design are all born in the atmosphere of their cultural concepts of different nationalities, and also the stability and completeness of Chinese packaging design style, the integrity and symmetry of form It is also the reflection of the introverted psychological characteristics and relatively conservative social consciousness of the Chinese people

because the concept of design consciousness is the materialization of design consciousness and the derivation of national design consciousness, it adds different national colors and the brand of nationality to the Sandvik Group: style and practical achievements with the activity party under the guidance of people's design concept

source: Guangzhou Li Weiwei logistics planning studio customer service department: Wu Shanshan

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