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Improved liquefied epoxy resin adhesive

epoxy resin has been developed for more than 40 years, which integrates the five mines' understanding of the industry. Because of its excellent adhesion, durability and physical properties, it has been widely used in coatings, civil engineering and other fields. Epoxy resin is commonly used as the main agent, and amine and anhydride are guhuanjing 2 The dirtiness of the pointer rotating shaft can meet the requirements of double liquid adhesive. The adhesive is inconvenient to use, and the curing agent amine is harmful to human health. In recent years, we have been committed to developing waterborne or liquefied epoxy resin adhesives

Takeda minchong et al. Analyzed the reasons for the poor storage stability of the original one liquid epoxy resin adhesive, and designed a ketone with space barrier as a potential curing system. The prepared one liquid epoxy resin adhesive has satisfactory storage stability and curing speed, without damage to its inherent characteristics

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