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Modern testing instruments are more and more like "black boxes", and the operators will become laboratory migrant workers

in the material physical property testing and material thermal analysis technology, various classical methods and the basic structural principles of testing instruments have not changed with the passage of time. However, in the past two to three decades, electronics, computer technology, material science and process technology have made great progress, which has a great impact on the development of testing instruments and equipment. In addition to the measurement accuracy improved by modern electronic technology, automatic data processing and evaluation, and powerful computers, automatic data processing and automatic control may also be affected by grain structure, making it possible to make intelligent instruments that can significantly reduce the plastic feeling of materials

however, the disadvantage of this progress is that modern testing instruments have become more and more like a "black box", and the operation of instruments tends to be simple and fool like. That is to say, the basic functional principles of instruments and equipment measurement are often hidden, and users have to believe the relevant results provided by electronic devices and software, At the same time, it also has the following impacts on instrument users and instrument manufacturing practitioners:

(1) the fool operation and "black box" structure of modern instruments make the technical requirements for operators lower and lower, unlike the previous need to equip corresponding professionals to operate and use instruments, This is greatly conducive to the convenient and rapid use of various testing instruments by material research and production practitioners to conduct timely and accurate testing and evaluation of material properties, without the need to take the tested materials to a special laboratory for entrusted testing

(2) as the technical requirements for instrument operators are getting lower and lower, the entry threshold of laboratory instrument operators is also correspondingly lower, and their status and treatment will naturally be gradually reduced. Most of the traditional professional researchers of testing instruments have rich laboratory testing instruments, including 8 terminal boxes and 1 plug-in theory and practical experience. Most of them are also academic leaders in the field of testing instruments. However, with the progress of technology, this road of technological upgrading will be completely closed, and the vast majority of laboratory instrument operators will become laboratory migrant workers

(3) the fool operation and "black box" structure of modern instruments will put forward higher requirements for test instrument manufacturers. The highest level test technology researchers and test operators will gradually focus on the instrument manufacturing organization. In addition to mastering the technology of the instrument itself, relevant personnel should deeply understand and be familiar with various application scenarios of the test instrument

(4) at the same time, a significant change is that the after-sales maintenance price of the instrument increases, the maintenance is simpler and modular, the technical requirements for maintenance engineers will be gradually reduced, and the operation training will be gradually simplified

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