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Positioning design of packaging patterns and trademarks

trademarks are "ID cards" of commodities. Whether it is a new product or a well-known product, the positioning of the trademark is very important. Therefore, the following three aspects should be considered in trademark design

color select one or several combined colors to represent the company's image, making it easy for consumers to recognize and remember. For example, PepsiCo has chosen the combination of blue and red, Fuji film has chosen the combination of green and white, and Kodak film has chosen the combination of yellow, black and vermilion, which can give consumers a strong visual impact

graphics when graphics are combined with color, it can play a better role in visual recognition. The common thermoplastic composite materials on the serial commodity packaging are increasingly used by the aerospace industry to manufacture lightweight logo graphics, which are not only the symbol of the whole commodity family, but also an effective means to highlight trademarks, trademarks and manufacturers. In trademark positioning, graphics include: trademark image, auxiliary signs, series signs, and unique packaging containers that are either easily deformed or expensive

text logo is very common, but the font should be designed. This designed font is another way to distinguish it from other brands, such as the text trademarks of Canon and Midea

in the positioning design of packaging patterns, illustrations and photography are generally used to faithfully express the content, giving consumers a true and credible feeling. However, in modern packaging, abstract graphics are also widely used to convey commodity information, which depends on specific commodities

all kinds of colors have symbolic significance, so when using colors to express commodity information, we should consider the users of commodities and other factors that make the smell in the car uncomfortable for consumers due to the problem of labor and materials. For example, the packaging of men's cosmetics is mostly in black, with red or white and other emphasized brand names, forming a strong and generous design style, which fully reflects men's masculinity. Women's cosmetics are mostly matched with soft and elegant colors, making people feel the feminine beauty

words must appear in any packaging design, so the font design is directly related to the performance of commodity characteristics. The brand name in the crispy chocolate package adopts a smooth glyph consistent with the image of the commodity, which fully reflects the sweet and crispy feeling of this kind of chocolate and can cause people's appetite

on the packaging of Yili, Mengniu and Netherlands' Zimu brand dairy products, realistic illustrations highlight the scenery of grasslands and pastures. Taking the peasant women who are carrying fresh milk and wearing national costumes as the background, the cows as the middle view, windmills, rivers and so on, there are green grasslands, yurts, blue sky and white clouds, thus realistically depicting the origin of goods, giving people a cordial atmosphere of grassland pastoral style, and reassuring consumers

in addition, with packaging design, there can be places of origin. It makes the sake packaging of consumer goods come from which country. The unique container shape and strong national style add unique charm to the goods. The commodity packaging design requires to consider the positioning of high, medium and low grades according to the price of commodities, and the grades that can be used in the design. For example, perfume packaging uses glass and metal materials for high-end packaging design, reflecting a certain level. Perfume and cosmetics are mostly high-end packaging, while daily washing products are regarded as medium-grade or low-grade packaging

who are the goods sold to? It is the first problem that must be considered in modern packaging design. Ignoring this point will be detrimental to the promotion of goods. It should be classified and positioned according to the different situations of consumption objects. For example, whether the goods are for men or women, children or the elderly. Of course, as a good packaging design, it should be the comprehensive performance of the above angles and the flexible changes in application. It can be the combination of trademark positioning and goods, the combination of consumer positioning and trademark positioning, or the combination of consumer, goods and trademarks. As the main display area of packaging is limited, it needs to be selected in these three aspects, and the visual weight and proportional relationship of these three do not need to be treated equally. At the same time, you can also make full use of the side and back of the package. When shopping for goods, consumers often look at the front first, and then look at other aspects. In this way, they can get more product information

The positioning design can only solve the conception method in the design, but can not solve the artistic appeal brought by the packaging to consumers. How to make the correct packaging positioning through the tip of the diamond needle to contact the artistic language of the specimen to transmit the information of the commodity remains to be done in other aspects

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