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Positioning of product packaging and decoration

with the continuous development of social economy, the significance of modern product packaging and decoration has far exceeded the meaning of pure functional product packaging and decoration. People hope to have more new packaging and decoration forms in line with their own personality. This kind of personality behavior of packaging and decoration is to show your own personality style in the sales process, show your feelings for each other, please rest assured to buy all kinds of complex personality feelings, and convey subtle information, especially in today's scientific and cultural development, packaging and decoration will face a broader market. Due to the more frequent exchanges with all ethnic countries, it is necessary to explore the world market and further study the spiritual fashion that embodies this personality transmission

character of product packaging and decoration

in the forest of similar products, in order to motivate consumers, it is necessary to establish an expression that makes their products stand out from other similar products. The expression of product packaging and decoration character is a specific expression of the positioning of consumers' personality. The character of product packaging and decoration has two meanings: broad and narrow:

in a broad sense, product packaging and decoration refers to the relatively independent character of internal and external forms. It is the product of humanized nature, that is, because people use the objective laws of cognition and mastery in the process of practice to serve themselves, so that people's essential power can be perceptually manifested in natural objects, so that people can visualize themselves from nature, That is, people often say "the style is like a person", "things (referring to the designed packaging and decoration products) are like a person", etc. In a narrow sense, the character of product packaging and decoration refers to the natural attributes of the material (material quality, shape, color) that constitutes product packaging and decoration and the character characteristics shown by their combination laws

the personality characteristics of packaging materials are shown by their surface texture. Various textures are often perceived through human vision and touch, and different personalities are expressed by associating different textures. For example, the rough surface has a sense of simplicity and ruggedness, and the smooth and delicate surface has high elegance, quiet and other personality characteristics

The character of

type is determined by the points, lines, surfaces and other elements it consists of (including the shape of product packaging and packaging decoration). For example, square has a serious and stable character. The personality characteristics of the color of product packaging are based on the association caused by people's life experience. For example, red is forthright, enthusiastic and compassionate; Blue is deep and calm; Yellow is carefree and rash; Cyan is old-fashioned and leisurely, and all colors have their own personality characteristics

the above material, type and color do not adjust the instrument when used. The personality characteristics of the instrument are combined according to a certain law and are uniformly reflected in the product packaging and decoration, forming the unique personality characteristics of the product packaging and decoration. In short, the personality characteristics of product packaging and decoration are the natural embodiment of humanization and the product of "accumulation" of social life practice. Through the process of natural humanization, social and historical things accumulate and precipitate in individual, perceptual, rational and intuitive packaging and decoration, so that various types of packaging products reflect their relatively independent personality characteristics, such as paper circular packaging is lively and light; Iron square packaging is rigorous and dignified

consumer's personality tendency

consumer's personality tendency refers to the sum of relatively stable psychological characteristics displayed by consumers in their attitude towards objective things and social behavior, with strong individuality, that is, personality. The formation of consumers' personality characteristics is the crystallization of a certain number of physiological, psychological and social ideological factors. The innate physiological quality is the natural basis for its formation, and the acquired education and training practice is the social condition for its formation. The development of individual personality characteristics of consumers, on the one hand, through physiological inheritance, makes the increasingly developed and perfect brain function of human beings preserved in new individuals, forming new individual personality

on the other hand, with the growth of age, the influence of objective environment plays a huge and profound role in the formation of human character. Of course, under the influence of certain conditions, there will be different specific performances, but on the whole, the performance of consumers' personality in reality is relatively stable, with strong individuality, that is, personality. For consumers of the same age group, the same gender and the same occupation, their personalities will show the same personality tendency due to environmental factors, but the degree of personality tendency will be different, for example: Children's overall personality tendency is lively and naive, but there are different degrees of personality, some are slightly introverted, some will be more lively, etc., and so will other categories

positioning of product packaging and decoration character and consumer character

the character of product packaging and decoration is achieved by unifying with consumer character in the process of consumption. Because consumers have different personalities, they also have different choices when choosing goods. The existence of product packaging and decoration personality determines that the types of products accepted are different, that is to say, when choosing goods, consumers are actually choosing packaging and decoration forms that conform to their own personality, which makes it necessary to pay attention to the image and personality of their packaging when designing commodity packaging and decoration. Even the same commodity should have multiple packaging and decoration forms, In this way, consumers with different personalities can be provided with the choices they need. For example, for children's goods, packaging and decoration products with lively and naive characteristics should be designed; For male goods, they should be masculine and mature packaging and decoration design on the whole, that is, according to the personality characteristics of different ages and genders, design the product packaging and decoration that is consistent with their own personality characteristics and is consistent with the electromagnetic directional valve 1 in the energized state, so as to unify the packaging and decoration personality of products with the personality of consumers, so as to promote consumption

from the above analysis, the character of commodity packaging and decoration must conform to the character of consumers, so as to better stimulate the completion of consumer behavior, and consumers can truly obtain their own satisfactory commodities, so as to complete the spiritual consumption while completing the material consumption, which is the task and task of modern packaging and decoration design

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