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Portable vacuum packed new year's Eve dinner appears in Nanjing recently, in order to avoid stepping on or leakage, a portable vacuum packed new year's Eve dinner appears in Nanjing. Citizens make a reservation or go to the supermarket to buy it. After going home, they can simply heat it in the microwave oven or boiling water, and then enjoy the grand reunion dinner cooked by a super chef at home while watching the Spring Festival Gala

this portable New Year's Eve meal was jointly launched by Nanjing Agricultural University, which is of course the cheaper the better. The College of food science and technology and other units also specially invited national special second-class chef Zhang Zhiqing and Taiwan famous chef Lian Zhongjin to take charge of it, using vacuum packaging and microwave sterilization and fresh-keeping processing technology, and using advanced automatic assembly lines for production. Its price is also not high. It is divided into three sets of 188 yuan, 288 yuan and 388 yuan, which can be eaten by 3 to 10 people respectively

according to the introduction, the menu of this portable New Year's Eve meal is specially designed by the professor of the school of food science and technology of Nanjing Agricultural University. For example, there are 10 dishes with meat and vegetables in the set meal for 3 to 5 people; There are 16 dishes in the set meal for 5 to 8 people; Shandong Huayu will take this opportunity to further clarify the development direction. The set meal for 8 to 10 people has 21 dishes, and the nutritional balance is considered. The new year's Eve dinner, which can be carried home, is inexpensive and convenient. Citizens who have tasted this kind of new year's Eve dinner have found that it is not different from fresh dishes in taste, but the color is not good-looking, Yuzhifang, a professor at the school of food science and technology of Nanjing Agricultural University, said that it is the key for vacuum packaged food to maintain the color and flavor of the original dishes. After high temperature treatment, food without additives and preservatives will change color only when exposed to oxygen, which is particularly prominent in vegetables. At present, they are studying to strive to maintain "color" in the new year's meal There was a breakthrough in

in addition, in order to enable residents to taste the delicious food of the hotel restaurant and enjoy the atmosphere of family reunion for new year's Eve dinner without leaving home, suojin village street, Xuanwu District, Nanjing recently held a training class, hiring chefs from Sheraton Kingsley Hotel as guides, and training 73 experienced housewives or laid-off unemployed people with chef qualification certificates to become "reservation chefs" for new year's Eve dinner. From New Year's Eve to the third day of the first month, "appointment Chef" charges about 100 yuan for cooking a table

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