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Safety technical measures for hanging cables of crusher chamber in mining area

I. construction overview:

in order to improve the civilized appearance of crusher chamber in mining area 21, cables in this area need to be standardized and renovated, and portable rechargeable hammers need to be used for drilling during construction; In order to ensure construction safety, this special safety technical measures are specially formulated

II. Construction site: crusher chamber in mining area 21

III. construction time: July 2, 2015 in view of the copper foil price rise is a medium and long-term process 8, 8:: 00

IV. construction content: portable rechargeable hammer drilling, hanging cable

v. construction personnel and responsibilities

on site construction leader: Wang Feng

Security Inspector: (assigned by the safety supervision department)

on site operators: Deng Jun, Wang Zhenping, Zhang Xuefeng

1 The person in charge of the site is responsible for the supervision and confirmation of the organization, safety, quality and measures of the construction personnel

2. The portable rechargeable electric hammer operator is responsible for the preparation of portable rechargeable electric hammers, the safety inspection of construction materials, the safe operation in accordance with the construction measures and the requirements of the operating procedures of this type of work, and the completion of construction tasks with quality and quantity

3. The sprinkler is responsible for preparing the fire-fighting facilities on the construction site, and watering and cooling the construction points during construction

4. The security inspector is responsible for the inspection of safety facilities, safe operation, fire-fighting facilities and the supervision and confirmation of the implementation of measures on the construction site

VI. technical measures for construction safety:

1 Before construction, this measure must be approved by the mine leadership organization and relevant departments, and can be implemented only with consent

2. The construction personnel must obey the command of the construction director and take unified action. Before construction, the person in charge of construction must carefully check the safety situation at the construction site and along the line, strictly implement unsafe no construction, and deal with unsafe hidden dangers in a timely manner

3. The required tools and instruments must be prepared in advance, and the portable rechargeable electric hammer and other tools must be comprehensively inspected to ensure that the battery of the electric hammer is sufficient, and can be put into the well only after confirming that the trial is normal

4. Before construction, clean up the sundries near the operation site. There shall be no inflammables and explosives such as hydraulic oil, engine oil and cotton yarn within 20m of the operation site

5. Before using the electric hammer, the tile inspector should first check the gas concentration in the working environment. When the measured gas concentration within 20 meters around the construction site reaches 0.5%, it is strictly prohibited to use the electric hammer. Portable instrument shall be set at the construction site to monitor the gas concentration in real time. If the gas concentration reaches 0.5%, the operation shall be stopped immediately

6. Site operators must have certain fire safety knowledge and be skilled in using fire fighting equipment. During construction, the operation site must be equipped with two 8kg fire extinguishers, and there are also some reports about the structure of the casting machine. Workers must be able to use fire extinguishers, and there should be a water source for watering, and special personnel should be arranged to be responsible for spraying water

7. Before using electric hammer for operation, clean the coal dust and floating coal within 20 meters of the operation site with clean water

8. All materials and tools shall be checked and qualified in advance. Unqualified materials and tools shall not be used. Hold them firmly during use to prevent accidental injury

9. The portable rechargeable electric hammer should be operated with side handle and two hands to prevent the reaction force from twisting the arm when locked. After the portable rechargeable hammer is started, it should run without load, and it should be checked and confirmed that the linkage of the portable rechargeable hammer is flexible and unimpeded. During operation, the force shall be applied smoothly, and excessive force is not allowed. Overloading is strictly prohibited. Pay attention to the sound and temperature rise during operation, and stop the machine immediately for inspection in case of any abnormality. When the operation time is too long and the temperature rise of the machine is hot, the machine should be shut down and cooled naturally before operation. When the portable rechargeable hammer rotates, do not let it go

10. When drilling with portable rechargeable electric hammer, the construction personnel should hold the portable rechargeable electric hammer firmly, and the drill bit is vertical to the rock surface. The drilling hole is consistent with the specification of expansion screw. The drill bit of portable rechargeable electric hammer is in a hot state after long-term operation, and care should be taken to prevent skin burns when replacing it

11. After the portable rechargeable hammer is used, the working place should be sprayed with water again, and a special person should be assigned to check the working place for 1 hour. If any abnormality is found, it should be dealt with immediately

12. When rectifying and hanging cables, live work is strictly prohibited. The cable control switch must be "powered off and locked", and the warning sign of "no power transmission when someone is working" must be hung. Special shoes are set up for the care of contemporary hot-selling industry people

13. During operation, safety supervisors and tile inspectors shall supervise and inspect on site. The tile inspector shall measure the gas concentration in the air flow every 30 minutes. When the gas concentration in the air flow is close to or reaches 0.5%, the operation must be stopped immediately and the slag must be cooled quickly with water

14. The installation of expansion screws, adjusting screws, small oil ropes and rope clamps shall comply with the standards and regulations, and shall be firm and reliable. The cable hanging is straight and meets the mechanical and electrical integrity standard

15. After construction, relevant equipment, tools, materials, etc. shall not be stored on the construction site, but must be counted and recycled. The portable rechargeable electric hammer used during operation must be out of the well at the same time as the operator. It is forbidden to store underground

when the belt is running, personnel are strictly prohibited from approaching, and it is strictly prohibited to construct within 1 meter of the belt; When the belt is running, personnel are strictly forbidden to enter the inner side of the belt

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