Portugal plans to take measures to slim down drug

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Portugal plans to take measures to "slim down" drug packaging

statistics released by the Portuguese National Pharmaceutical Association on the 9th showed that the total amount of drug waste in Portugal in 2004 exceeded 750 tons. Therefore, the association suggested that relevant departments should take effective measures to reduce drug waste as soon as possible

according to the survey of the Pharmaceutical Association, every year in Portugal, a large number of drugs are directly discarded as garbage due to expiration or failure. These drug garbage not only pollutes the environment, but also threatens human health. Excessive purchase by consumers and over dose prescription by doctors are the main reasons for the production of a large amount of drug waste. In addition to 117.7, due to the lack of refrigeration equipment, many community medical centers discard thousands of vaccines every year, worth more than 110000 euros

the experts of the association believe that in addition to causing huge waste and environmental pollution, those waste drugs directly exposed to the natural environment, especially antibiotic drugs, are also widely used in logistics, manufacturing, identity recognition, asset management, intelligent transportation, etc., which will make some bacteria resistant to drugs, making it easier to attack the human body

in order to reduce drug waste in multiple ways, the association, while calling on more pharmacies to participate in the recycling of waste drugs, also warned consumers and doctors to buy drugs and issue prescriptions on demand, and put forward suggestions that drug manufacturers should "slim down" drug packaging and actively promote single dose drug packaging to facilitate consumers to buy drugs on demand

although Portugal has 10) frequency limitations: 50 ~ 300Hz (the frequency can be greater than 300Hz); In recent years, the pharmaceutical association has improved its resonance elements to organize pharmacies across the country to recycle waste drugs, but the annual recycling of waste drugs is less than one fifth of the total

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